10 Common mistakes In online businesses that can harm your success

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An online business needs continuous monitoring and if you own an eCommerce website then make sure that you are monitoring every aspect of the website. There are minor mistakes or we can say that very common mistakes that are made by the website owners that leads to loss of potential customers from their website. Such mistakes are self-played videos at the unsuitable time, frequent downtime, lack of strategy while selecting the domain and hosting provider, errors in the content like grammatical and spelling corrections, avoiding optimization of images, etc.

As per my suggestion, the website owner should do deep research on such topics before setting up an eCommerce website or existing owners to get more success in the business. Here in this article, you will get to know some common mistakes that you should avoid doing the same.

Top 10 Common Mistakes in Online Business

Mistake #1:- Save more on host

Competition in the hosting industry is growing and this has made easy to get the services at an affordable price. If your website is receiving huge amount of traffic and your host unable to handle such kind of situations. Then you need to think about getting a Cheap VPS hosting provider to avoid happening of such issues.

Mistake #2:-Selecting a domain that is hard to remember or spell

The domain is the main factor that helps the business to grow up to some extent. Most of the users are discovering your site through links or search. If you register a memorable domain that helps the users to recall your brand easily, then this will improve your site traffic and sale.

Mistake #3:-Develop your online business based on a platform you do not own

Nothing is worse than to design a foundation of your digital business on a platform that does not give you full control.  By doing this you can risk your online business and hamper your business image.

Mistake #4:-Using an impersonal business email address

If you are paying a huge amount for designing a beautiful website then avoid using @outlook and @gmail or @hotmail as your primary business email address. It is always suggested to use your own domain for your primary email address and redirects to your Gmail or Outlook.  Get the best domain and hosting from a cheap web hosting provider.

Mistake #5:-Redirecting to a mobile site

Due to increase in usage of mobile searches, it becomes necessary to opt for the mobile friendly website. As per my opinion, there is no use to design a separate mobile site Url that does not match with the actual URL.  It is always better to opt for responsive design for great user experience no matter which device you are surfing the website.

Mistake #6:-Giving a slow experience to visitors

Have you ever questioned yourself that what is the exact loading time of the website? Is it ten seconds? Six seconds? Four seconds? If you are thinking this the right answer, then you are on the wrong track. Always try to design a user-friendly website to avoid penalties that are charged by the Google.  When your website meets all the requirements like good hosting and well-structured url then the speed of the website can be measured in the milliseconds and it should be up to 2 seconds of loading speed.

Mistake #7:-Getting  an unexpected message: “site not found”

Check your sites on a regular basis and monitor all the activities just to know whether everything is going in the right way or not? Try to keep your site clean and malware free. You can also opt for the best web host who will monitor these activities and reduce headaches from happening.

Mistake #8:-“ HTTP” instead of upgrading to “HTTPS”

You must have noticed when you browse any site it shows you a message saying that “site is not secure” if that site does not consist of “HTTPS”. However, Google has also made compulsory to use SSL to secure a good position in search engine.

Opting for SSL is always a better option to get security for the website. With MilesWeb cheap web hosting plans, it will take a few clicks for you to get your SSL

Mistake #9:-Lacking in outdated platform and design

If you are using WordPress or any other CMS then you should monitor your website in terms of plugins and templates.  Because an outdated website can become an easy target for hackers. However, the first impression is the last impression. Therefore, placing a professional, clean and modern design will assure more customers and keep your visitors up-to-date. Open source like WordPress or any other cms can save your time by offering a high-quality theme. The only thing you need to do is select the theme and add your logo.

Mistake #10:- Going with a wrong hosting company that blocks or kills your success

Let’s image your website is getting 15k visitors and your luck starts getting fame or success and suddenly your hosting provider says..no!

There is nothing worse than this if your hosting provider service is affecting your success in a bad way. Your account gets suspended because of overuse of resources.

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