10 Mobile App Builders To Create Your App Without Developers

10 Mobile App Builders

Would you like to create your mobile application without the help of a developer and you have no technical knowledge?

Do not panic, there are turnkey solutions to generate superb apps in record time, without needing to be a professional development.

Here is a selection of 10 application generators to create your app with ease.


GoodBarber is a true reference in the field of mobile app generators.

This French tool has made a name thanks to its very aesthetic templates, the simplicity of its editor and its accessible prices.

Price: GoodBarber is available from 16 € / month with features already very satisfactory, including 5000 push notifications per month.

Higher formulas will however give you many functions like automatic notifications, or a statistical tool.

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Keosu presents itself as the “WordPress applications”; Understand that this solution intends to simplify the creation of mobile apps as much as WordPress has simplified the creation of websites.

And for good reason, it is a real CMS that allows you to manage your application with great ease. Let us add that this is a French solution.

Price: Keosu is downloadable and usable for free . However, it has paid formulas to benefit from technical support and training in application development


AppliGo is an easy-to-use mobile application generator, with reactive support available in French.

Price: for 5 € / month, you can benefit from a complete app, except that it will not be available on the app stores , which is quite handicapped.

So prefer the formula to 15 € / month, more satisfactory.


Como DIY is one of the leading application providers in the market.

Its powerful editor and its many features make it a tool of choice. Available in French.

Price: the price varies according to your duration of commitment. For 1 year, the rate is $ 48 / month.


With its drag and drop tool, Appsbuilder is one of the most intuitive and user-friendly mobile application generators.

Price: at least 29 € / month to be present on app stores and benefit from the essential features.


With its original editor in the form of Leo blocks, AppMachine is a very powerful solution to create your application without developers or any knowledge.

Price: you can build your app for free by taking the time you want. You only pay when you publish it.

For this, count at least $ 39 / month, plus $ 99 / year to publish your app on the Apple Store (and $ 25 at a time for Google Play).


The great strength of Bizness Apps is the number of external tools that can be incorporated into its application: from Magento to Instagram via MailChimp.

This app generator has been designed for business (as the name suggests).

Tariff: for a single application, it will cost $ 59 / month ($ 42 with a one-year commitment).


Shoutem is a well-designed app creation tool with very licked designs, but it’s probably less accessible.

Rate: The formula at 19, 90 $ / month does not allow to publish your app in the markets of applications (Apple and Android). And the top formula is $ 49 / month.


Mobile Roadie is intended for large organizations.

And, for good reason, it offers very advanced functionalities like the geolocalized targeting of the content of the application, marketing automation, community and social functions …

Price: prices are tailor-made, but Mobile Roadie is known for its fairly high rates in comparison with its competitors.


Mobincube is a mobile application generator that is accessible to all, both financially and technically.

Price: there is a totally free version. The catch is that your app will have to contain advertisements (including an introduction introducing Mobincube).

For a more professional result, we will therefore turn to at least the formula at 9, 99 € / month. Always very accessible, therefore.

To generate an application without developers or technical knowledge, you will necessarily find your happiness among these 10 solutions.

However, to create a professional application as close as possible to your needs, the best is to use a mobile application developer on Codeur.com.

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