20 Tips for Mobile Application Developers

Mobile Application Developers

The mobile application developer’s survival guide, whether he works alone or as a team.

This is a translation of the article “Awesome Mobile App Developer Resources You Do not Know About” by Patrick Chukwura on Medium

It’s not enough to code an app and submit it to the App Store for it to carton. In an increasingly competitive market, it is also necessary to keep abreast of the latest news to make the good updates, and to satisfy the users.

A particularly challenging task for mobile developers who try to do everything on their own! The good news is that the net is full of tricks to get by. Here are some of them:

Mobile Application Services

1:  Hockeyapp – the mobile app service for dev

HockeyApp is a bit of a Swiss-knife for mobile application services. In addition to beta versions on iOS, Android, OS X and Windows, you can use it to detect bugs in your code, manage feedback , or recruit new users.

The tutorial 

2:  This video shows the process of creating a superb mobile application design. It is simple to follow, even for novices in Photoshop. If you are a solo developer, who will not be able to afford the services of a designer, it will inspire you.

Advantages of reskinning

3: How much are tearing the hair to design a mobile application from A to Z, without considering the possibility of reskinning ?

The reskinning , is the fact that change the appearance of an already existing application without changing the architecture, in other words, its source code.

I know I know. It sounds like plagiarism, but this article on the benefits of reskinning may well change your mind. Obviously, it is illegal to use someone else’s source code without permission from him. But it is possible to buy (and sell) applications on sites such as Apptopia .

Be open-minded and read the article, it costs nothing!

Blog Archive

4:  iOs Blog

The tutorial simple and efficient to code in Objective C.

5:  Luke W

This blog is about the business aspect of mobile applications. There are also great articles on design, UX, and market trends.

The tools

6:  Pop: Prototype simulator

Sometimes there is no time to turn a brilliant idea into a prototype. In this case, just draw it. You will just need a sheet of paper, a pencil, your cell phone, and Pop, which, from a photo of your drawing, will simulate the prototype.

7: AppTwack :  application tester

To be sure that your mobile application is working well, it should be tested on all media that can be used. You do not need to go into ruinous purchases of all of these materials.

Just use AppThwack, which will test your application on real devices, and allow you to guarantee a functional application to all your users.

The forums

8:  Making Money: Android Developer Marketing Forum

Seriously, what developer does not hope to make money with his mobile app? If you’re an Android developer, or you’re thinking of becoming a developer, taking a look at this well-appointed forum will not hurt you.

Design applications

9:  Opacity

Whenever you do not need all of the features in Photoshop, use Opacity. This application offers just what it takes for the graphics of your icons. No more no less.

10:  Everything is a remix

Do you feel that all applications look alike? Well you are right! You’d like to know why ? Prepare your popcorn and watch the excellent documentary “Everything’s a remix” on Viameo.


11:  Design Mobile Apps book

Nothing like a book to teach you how to create great applications. Design Mobile Apps Book  is a true accelerated course on mobile application design.

12:  Content Strategy for Mobile

Whichever platform you develop, you need to provide a user experience that is suitable for all your users.

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