How To Boost Your Organic Scope Facebook (Computer Graphics)

Computer Graphics

As you may have noticed if you have a Facebook page, the organic reach of your posts declines from years to years. Many people think that it is a technique undertaken by Facebook to earn more money. While it is true that they need to make more money, there are also two factors that influence your organic reach. First of all there is the simple fact that there is more and more content shared every day on Facebook, and I’m sure you’ve already noticed it for yourself if you’re a…

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SEO: What if the recent inaccuracies of the Keyword Planner were not such bad news?

Keyword Planner

Knowing the query search volumes in Google obviously helps to develop SEO strategy, and decide what content to produce. The Keyword Planner, a tool associated with AdWords, called in French “the keyword planning tool”, provided this information for free to everyone. But this summer, Google decided to change the rules and modified this tool. Now you have to have a paid account, having already done Adwords campaigns, to benefit from the figures, otherwise the proposed data refer to much less precise volumes. And even with a paid account, Google now…

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From The Influence of New Domain Extensions on Seo


BL: In terms of communication, the new extensions are as many possibilities to communicate on addresses of own and intelligible sites, a contrario of the URLs on Facebook, Twitter, or even directories of domains “classic”. Thus, by reinforcing a single point of contact, the weight of the site is strengthened. SV: A search engine analyzes content by definition. The domain is, as we know one of these elements. The new extensions become an additional opportunity to enhance the accuracy of the keywords used in the domain. We can even go…

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