20 Tips for Mobile Application Developers

Mobile Application Developers

The mobile application developer’s survival guide, whether he works alone or as a team. This is a translation of the article “Awesome Mobile App Developer Resources You Do not Know About” by Patrick Chukwura on Medium It’s not enough to code an app and submit it to the App Store for it to carton. In an increasingly competitive market, it is also necessary to keep abreast of the latest news to make the good updates, and to satisfy the users. A particularly challenging task for mobile developers who try to…

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16 Tools To Create Your Mobile Application – Without Writing A Single Line Of Code!

16Create Your Mobile Application

For more than five years we have been following the online publishers  market . Creating a simple website is no longer really a problem today. But can we say the same thing about mobile applications?  Is it possible to create a mobile application without knowing about programming? When my wife decided to create one for her  museum site , we took the opportunity to try some of the best online mobile app creation tools on the market. Companies offering this kind of service do not miss: we have identified more…

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