How to effectively follow the development of a website entrusted to a web agency?

development of a website

Entrusting the development of its website to a web agency or a freelancer does not mean that you will have nothing more to do. To get a website that meets your objectives, it is strongly advised to get involved in the different stages of development of the website. This involves understanding the overall organization of the project, identifying key issues and areas of shadows to anticipate any potential problems. In this article we will help you to effectively follow the development of a website entrusted to a web agency ….

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What is the development environment?

The development the website

The development environment consists of all the IT management tools that participate in the design and creation of the website. These are the tools and platforms used by the web agency internally or in collaboration with the client or third parties for the successful implementation of the project. These are typically the computer development environment for encoding and formatting web site pages. We have specialized web agencies around PHP, Java, C ++ etc … What are the development environments for the creation of websites? According to the members and the…

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How to make a website in 10 steps? Yeeply advises you.

WordPress, to make a website

At first glance, just have a good idea, some content and a good CMS, such as WordPress, to make a website. In reality, web development is much more complex than you might think. This article will give you an overview on the steps of creating a website. Make the checklist to be sure you have not forgotten anything! 1. Define the objectives of your website Why do you want to create a website? It is important to define your objective in order to choose the technical solution that best suits…

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