10 Common mistakes In online businesses that can harm your success

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An online business needs continuous monitoring and if you own an eCommerce website then make sure that you are monitoring every aspect of the website. There are minor mistakes or we can say that very common mistakes that are made by the website owners that leads to loss of potential customers from their website. Such mistakes are self-played videos at the unsuitable time, frequent downtime, lack of strategy while selecting the domain and hosting provider, errors in the content like grammatical and spelling corrections, avoiding optimization of images, etc. As…

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Big-Scale Data Processing structure- What is Apache Spark and Scala?

Big-Scale Data Processing structure- What is Apache Spark and Scala

Big data is used in network collection and is used in many industries as an essential application. The extensive use of Hadoop and MapReduce mechanics appears that parallel mechanics is constantly evolving. An expansion in the use of Apache Spark, which is the data processing engine, is the testament to this case. Apache Spark and Scala are indivisible posts in this way that the simplest path to use Spark is through the Scala shield. ┬áThese courses will be able to understand those who understand how SPARC enables in-memory data processing…

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