What Does Your Postpaid Plan Give You?

Airtel postpaid

Does your postpaid plan give you excellent connectivity, superfast speeds, affordable pricing and a host of other features? We guessed not – if it’s not Airtel postpaid. It is unfathomable to imagine going even a single moment without your smartphone. When was the last time you forgot your phone at home? Do you remember how lost and frazzled you became without it? Your phone is not just a means of communication – it is a veritable lifeline to the world. Since your phone links you to the world, it naturally…

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Quick Guide: Best Practices for More Efficient Data Centers

Best Practices for More Efficient Data Centers

Energy consumption occupies great bulks in the cost of operating a data center. Thus energy efficiency is always the main problem for every organization. Leading tech companies like Apple, Google and Microsoft have already unlocked the door towards more energy efficient data centers, but many other organizations still operate their servers with energy-devouring systems. There are best practices that data center operators can implement in order to cut cost. And for owners, investment on highly-efficient subsystems is important. This quick list gives you a glimpse of the best practices that…

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