Advancements in Online Webcams

Advancements in Online Webcams

As with most technology-based innovations, webcams have continued to improve over the years. What before were small and pixilated images, can now be displayed in full 4k. It’s still very hard to find any webcam sites that genuinely stream in 4K, but you will find that there are many options available to you if you are satisfied with 1080 HD. Either way, unless you have a 4K screen, you would be unable to view 4K videos.

 The size and shape of the videos themselves have changed too. Instead of a boxy 640×480p, there are many webcam sites that give you genuine wide screen. The best webcam sites even have theater modes (see here a review about webcam sites), where the video feed will cover your entire screen, regardless of the resolution.

Webcam feeds which were previously online available on your desktop, are now available on your laptop, your iPad, and even your iPhone. Most webcam sites have become agile, basing their webcam designs around the mobile interface. You can now watch webcams from anywhere on the world. As long as you have internet, you can log on and watch.

 One of the most exciting advancements in recent webcam technology has been the introduction of green screens. There is now automated software, where a background image can be projected behind a webcam host. You will find that there are many online chat hosts sitting in anime backgrounds, in nature, or even on an airplane. As the host moves, they do not interrupt the background, though some image tearing may occur at the edges. These green screens are sure to improve with time, and it is no doubt that we will be seeing much more of them in years to come.

 Webcam hosts don’t have to go with the full blown green screens. Many hosts and hostesses use overlay GIF images, which appear over their video feeds, then, disappear. These images usually pop up when the host is tipped, or if they are just simply in a happy mood.

 What truly brought about a technological change in the field of online webcams is the advent of interactive cams. Rather than just sitting back and watching, users have gained the ability to actually control some aspect of the show. Depending on the site, the user may be able to adjust the positioning of the camera or just zoom in or out. If no camera control options are available, there are sometimes interactive toys, which will always get you the host’s attention.

 There are a few adult orientated chat sites which took this idea further and created a unique experience. If you own a certain type of toy, you can connect it to the toy of the webcam host you are watching. It usually costs extra, but what you get is an experience offered in very few places. As you play with your toy, it will send signals to hers. The responses her toy creates will be sent back to yours. It can create hours of fun which would otherwise be unavailable to you, if you were just sitting on your computer and doing nothing.

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