What is the development environment?

The development the website

The development environment consists of all the IT management tools that participate in the design and creation of the website. These are the tools and platforms used by the web agency internally or in collaboration with the client or third parties for the successful implementation of the project. These are typically the computer development environment for encoding and formatting web site pages. We have specialized web agencies around PHP, Java, C ++ etc … What are the development environments for the creation of websites? According to the members and the…

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How to make a website in 10 steps? Yeeply advises you.

WordPress, to make a website

At first glance, just have a good idea, some content and a good CMS, such as WordPress, to make a website. In reality, web development is much more complex than you might think. This article will give you an overview on the steps of creating a website. Make the checklist to be sure you have not forgotten anything! 1. Define the objectives of your website Why do you want to create a website? It is important to define your objective in order to choose the technical solution that best suits…

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20 Tips for Mobile Application Developers

Mobile Application Developers

The mobile application developer’s survival guide, whether he works alone or as a team. This is a translation of the article “Awesome Mobile App Developer Resources You Do not Know About” by Patrick Chukwura on Medium It’s not enough to code an app and submit it to the App Store for it to carton. In an increasingly competitive market, it is also necessary to keep abreast of the latest news to make the good updates, and to satisfy the users. A particularly challenging task for mobile developers who try to…

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16 Tools To Create Your Mobile Application – Without Writing A Single Line Of Code!

16Create Your Mobile Application

For more than five years we have been following the online publishers  market . Creating a simple website is no longer really a problem today. But can we say the same thing about mobile applications?  Is it possible to create a mobile application without knowing about programming? When my wife decided to create one for her  museum site , we took the opportunity to try some of the best online mobile app creation tools on the market. Companies offering this kind of service do not miss: we have identified more…

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Know Everything Before Creating Your Mobile App

creating your mobile app

Between app native, precompiled, hybrid and PWA, the choice is wide. Maybe you read this post on a mobile phone. If this is the case, you surely understand the interest of being present or at least readable on these small mobile terminals. If you think that accessing the Internet from a mobile phone is one more gadget in digital disruption 1 , then you should reread this 2010 article: Eric Schmidt: Mobile Is The Future, And There’s No Such Thing As Communication Overload – TechCrunch, 12/04/2010 . The former boss…

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7 Examples Of Advertising To Monetize Your Mobile App

Monetize Your Mobile App

Monetize a mobile application Making money with a mobile application is not that complicated. You will need to set up a business model designed for a mobile application. Do you feel a little lost with these new strategies and technologies? Do not look any further, we explain everything! 7 examples of ads for mobile app There are several ways to offer mobile ad in an application. Here are the most common methods: 1 / The banners This is a mobile ad appearing at the top or bottom of the screen,…

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Accounting for websites

Accounting for websites

Accounting for websites is not a simple operation. Depending on the characteristics of the transaction (acquisition or internal realization) and the website (shop window, e-commerce site …), the accounting treatment to be applied is different. This article will allow you to understand the accounting of expenses related to the acquisition or development of websites. To do this, we will split the study into several parts so that you can position yourself in the situation that concerns you. 1. Accounting of websites: the different cases Before entering the accounting methods, it…

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Start with the Web-history of your first website-

Start with the Web

The history of your first website Creating a professional website requires a lot of work. That is why, if you are starting out, we encourage you to start with something simple. You will not build a new Facebook from the start but it is not very complicated to upload your own website. That’s where we’re going to start. By browsing the articles listed below, you will be able to create your first web page and put it online. Let’s go! Install the basic tools Many tools are available to build…

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10 Mobile App Builders To Create Your App Without Developers

10 Mobile App Builders

Would you like to create your mobile application without the help of a developer and you have no technical knowledge? Do not panic, there are turnkey solutions to generate superb apps in record time, without needing to be a professional development. Here is a selection of 10 application generators to create your app with ease. 1) GOODBARBER GoodBarber is a true reference in the field of mobile app generators. This French tool has made a name thanks to its very aesthetic templates, the simplicity of its editor and its accessible…

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How To Boost Your Organic Scope Facebook (Computer Graphics)

Computer Graphics

As you may have noticed if you have a Facebook page, the organic reach of your posts declines from years to years. Many people think that it is a technique undertaken by Facebook to earn more money. While it is true that they need to make more money, there are also two factors that influence your organic reach. First of all there is the simple fact that there is more and more content shared every day on Facebook, and I’m sure you’ve already noticed it for yourself if you’re a…

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