SEO: What if the recent inaccuracies of the Keyword Planner were not such bad news?

Keyword Planner

Knowing the query search volumes in Google obviously helps to develop SEO strategy, and decide what content to produce. The Keyword Planner, a tool associated with AdWords, called in French “the keyword planning tool”, provided this information for free to everyone. But this summer, Google decided to change the rules and modified this tool. Now you have to have a paid account, having already done Adwords campaigns, to benefit from the figures, otherwise the proposed data refer to much less precise volumes. And even with a paid account, Google now…

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From The Influence of New Domain Extensions on Seo


BL: In terms of communication, the new extensions are as many possibilities to communicate on addresses of own and intelligible sites, a contrario of the URLs on Facebook, Twitter, or even directories of domains “classic”. Thus, by reinforcing a single point of contact, the weight of the site is strengthened. SV: A search engine analyzes content by definition. The domain is, as we know one of these elements. The new extensions become an additional opportunity to enhance the accuracy of the keywords used in the domain. We can even go…

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3 SEO Trends to Watch for 2017

3 SEO Trends

The optimization of SEO is constantly evolving, it is important to stay on the lookout for  new SEO trends for 2017.  Moreover, the methods used a few years ago are now outdated. Some may even put a website on the black list of Google. Users are becoming increasingly picky about the quality and reliability of the results obtained through search engines like Google, Yahoo and Bing. It is always important to continually keep your website up to date and by the same to adapt it to the new search engine…

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How SEO and Search Marketing can make a difference for your business

SEO and Search Marketing

If you want to succeed in this digital world then you should value a never ending SEO and marketing strategy that can make your organization’s online presence. Search Engine Optimization (SEO) is a part of SEM (Search Engine Marketing) or popularly known as Search Marketing are the processes that optimize the web property to earn traffic for the better rankings in the search result by buying traffic through paid as well as unpaid search listings. “Alivenet Solutions” is the best SEO Company in India that can help your business to…

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Top benefits of SEO services

benefits of SEO

SEO or Search Engine Optimization has turned into a broadly adopted digital marketing strategy due to its countless benefits and usefulness. The digital marketing aspect has changed significantly over the past few years. Among all changes, one thing is still same and that is SEO services. It is an efficient and essential strategy of marketing. It has numerous benefits. Find out the best and top four benefits of SEO services. Top 4 benefits of SEO services: Here’s a list of top 4 specific causes why your company should definitely think…

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