DevOps foundation training – Streamlining businesses to make it easier to control, operate and thrive

DevOps foundation training - Streamlining businesses to make it easier to control, operate and thrive

Competition is one of the biggest drivers of a company’s growth and staying innovative is key to their success. Creating newer products and services more than twice a year is important for sustained success over the longer period and businesses are always looking to adopt newer techniques.

With the DevOps Foundation Classroom Training, you’ll be able to provide a baseline and understand many core DevOps terminologies. This helps in ensuring everybody in the business is on the same page – from IT Developers right down to the many software managers.

In that regard, DevOps plays a significant role in supporting businesses from an organisational perspective. After streamlining these important processes and ensuring everybody is in sync, this course aids organisations implement more rapid methodologies. This helps in getting better structure and improving processes continuously.

The DevOps course – A Brief Overview

The DevOps Foundation training consists of all the latest practices, principles and thinking within the community. This also includes case studies based on many real-world examples, with big companies like Capital One, Target, Fannie Mae, Ticketmaster, and Disney just to name a few.

The course also aids in inspiring leaders and engaging with them by adopting multimedia and interactive exercises. You’ll also enjoy the DevOps vocabulary along with objectives and the benefits it provides businesses and IT. You’ll also get to learn all about Continuous Integration and Delivery (CI/CD) along with testing.

The DevOps course talks about the subject’s relationship with Agile, Lean and ITSM among others. The best teachers in the business are involved and will help in providing hands-on insights on the way the course works. 

Receive all the crucial information

With the DevOps course, you’ll enjoy better workflows and improved communication in addition to feedback loops. You’ll also learn all about the different automation processes which also include deployment pipelines and DevOps toolchains.

Devops can also be scaled for enterprises and help in understanding factors including KPIs to success. Other tools include the likes of Docket, Jenkins, Puppets, Nagios and more. KH provides an E-book as well that can be downloaded to make it easier to refer to. The book contains all the crucial information that can be referred to even post the completion of the course.

So, what is the KnowledgeHut advantage?

One of the best online platforms for courses, KnowledgeHut has many accelerated courses that aid in understanding many coding languages much better than others. Students can explore them all and gain all the required knowledge to succeed. These different skills can be taught according to the student ability to grasp learning and aid them in success over the long term by having clear concepts.

There are many experts within the ranks of KnowledgeHut who can help students by providing them with all the expertise and methodologies. This also makes it easier to study certain subjects and emerge successfully after the completion of the course.

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