Entertainment On the Go – Top 3 Netflix’s TV series to watch

Entertainment On the Go - Top 3 Netflix's TV series to watch

Traveling is an essential part of our lives. We travel every day from one place to another. Killing time is an easy task as long as you are driving your own car or with your friends. But when you are alone, traveling can be tiring when there are no means of entertainment. Carrying laptops is not the best solution to kill your boredom as the battery can only last for a couple of hours. The best thing you can do while commuting from one place to another is to watch some TV series or movies on your smartphones.

There are a lot of TV series you can watch that won’t leave you hanging in between a plot twist or suspense. Here are the best three short (by short we mean 2 seasons at max) TV series that you can enjoy killing your time while traveling.

1) The Punisher – Based on the Marvel Comics character of the same name, The Punisher is created by Steve Lightfoot for Netflix productions. The TV series revolves around a character called Frank Castle, ex-military, who is notoriously known as “The Punisher” in the New York City. Frank Castle is out on a hunt to find everyone who plotted the death of his family. A series full of action sequences will keep you on the edge of your seat at all times.

The series that was aired on November 17th, 2017, has 12 episodes in total, each episode of nearly 45 minutes. The entire story/plot is summed up in one season and is a must watch if you’re planning a TV series marathon.

2) 13 reasons why – Another TV series launched by Netflix which is based on a novel by Jay Ashen, published on 2017. The plot revolves around a kid, named Clay Jensen who mysteriously founds a box filled with 7 tapes with video recordings of his school friend Hannah Baker, who committed suicide two weeks earlier. In those recording, Hannah Baker unfolds thirteen reasons of why she committed suicide with two simple rules/instructions: all the persons mentioned in the video are somewhere related to her suicide and the second, each person after listening to the tapes will have to pass on the tapes to the next one.

From the beginning of the season till the end of it, each episode has some new twists and suspense to it. The entire season has 13 episodes, each with a runtime of 41 to 60 minutes.

3) Stranger things – 4 young boys, 1 young girl with supernatural powers, alternate dimension, one secret laboratory, a sheriff and a concerned mother. I think this might be enough for you to give this TV series a try. The story starts when one boy out of the 4 gets abducted by some mysterious creature, and on their way to the missing boy, the whole town uncovers some supernatural activities that were cooking up in the town for a very long time. Another famous release by Netflix, this series is a pure pleasure to watch. The second season of the same was recently launched and is known to be better than the previous one.

The first and second season has 8 episodes, with a runtime of 42-60 minutes each. Even though there are two seasons and both of them are interrelated, we can assure that finishing the first season itself won’t leave you in suspense.

A charging port is not always accessible to you while you commute and in that case, you need a smartphone that doesn’t give up on you while you enjoy your favorite TV series or movies. A smartphone with a long-lasting video playback is something that you need for this. It’s a basic yet the most important feature of a smartphone that many brands are neglecting these days. However, there are a few brands that are promising a playback time that is ideal for someone who is always on-the-go. Samsung Galaxy S6 has a video playback time of 6 hours; HTC One M9 has 5.5 hours, Panasonic Smart Phones’ Ray 700 with a 7 hours video playback time and LG G4 with 6 hours of uninterrupted video playback time.

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