Forget Free Parking…How’s the Coffee!

Forget Free Parking…How’s the Coffee!

Never underestimate the power of a good cup of coffee.  Managers of companies large and small are surprised by the powerful effects providing their workers with quality java can have.  Many were forced to switch to single cup brew or face a virtual revolt.  It’s common for prospective employees to ask about the coffee available in the break room.   In fact, many employees rank having a good cup of coffee provided by management as a means of determining how well they are treated.  If you want to improve the satisfaction level among your workers, offer them the best cup of coffee you possibly can.  And these days, that’s Keurig.

Surveys of workers found that having a well-maintained coffee break area was key to happiness in the workplace.  Some viewed and rated a good cup of coffee as being highly significant to maintaining positive energy in the office.  Some saw it as vital to maintaining morale, and others liked the free flow of gossip and information they learned in the coffee area.  While all this is great news, if providing premium coffee seems like a trivial matter, consider studies carried out by universities which show in the last five years there has been a sharp decline in satisfaction with drip style coffee makers because of all the fuss they create around who got the last cup and didn’t make a fresh batch, or who forgot to shut off the machine which is now smoking up the office with the awful odor of burnt coffee.  That is second only to burnt microwave popcorn for putting the whole office in a foul mood.  Thanks to the good folks at Keurig, you can now provide premium coffee of the single serve kind to your employees at a significant discount when you use a Keurig coupon from Groupon Coupons.

Employees say some of their brightest ideas come when they are gathered around the coffee machine.  And perhaps you’ve heard the story about the guy who nearly got fired for sitting in his corner office staring out the window all day.  When his boss came out to the west coast on one of his rare visits, after several days of noticing the guy sitting around for hours, staring out the window with a dirty coffee mug on his desk, he asked his CFO what he was doing to earn his keep.  “Well, that’s Thompson, sir,” the CFO said.  “He’s the one who spearheaded our award-winning media campaign.  And he also created the slogan that won the Fortune 500 account away from our competitor.  And just last month, he imagined a way to save us millions by redesigning our processing plant.”  To which the old man replied – “Well don’t just stand there, go get that man a fresh cup of coffee!”

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