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BL: In terms of communication, the new extensions are as many possibilities to communicate on addresses of own and intelligible sites, a contrario of the URLs on Facebook, Twitter, or even directories of domains “classic”. Thus, by reinforcing a single point of contact, the weight of the site is strengthened.

SV: A search engine analyzes content by definition. The domain is, as we know one of these elements. The new extensions become an additional opportunity to enhance the accuracy of the keywords used in the domain. We can even go so far as to look for the “exact match” effect (,,, etc …) which is not necessarily so important with generic extensions.

The multiplicity of new extensions can therefore be a multiplier of opportunities, especially for those seeking the exact match domain.

BL: New areas can also provide significant support for brand strengthening. Besides reducing the pressure of legal issues related to the protection of trademarks / domains, it is again possible to target the exact match brand-domain or create trademarks that are also domain names (ex: VS Creativity is largely favored by these new extensions. Of course one of the main interests of these extensions is their high availability. How many companies or start-ups break their heads to find original and differentiating names that are already taken in traditional extensions?

SV: New extensions are sometimes also opportunities for SEO players to place additional elements in the search result pages. We know the occupation of the site with the official website, one or two subdomains, Facebook page, blog, etc … Now brand extensions (eg .orange) allow to use domains for each Of the company’s activities (, …). One more chance to truster the results in the engines.

BL: Question performance in Google, all the entities that have created a geographical extension (.paris .corsica .alsace .berlin .amsterdam … 51 in all in the world) have behind the head, the idea that their extension will represent one day a Advantage for requests made by a geolocalized person (PC or smartphone) in the territory concerned.

In France, an in-depth study following the first SEO competition of .alsace verified that, as Google said, the local extension is handled to date by the algorithm like the .com: sites in. Alsace are as efficient as .com as the surfer makes his request from Colmar, Paris, Hong Kong or Rio. And this is very good news! I often have questions of the type: “but my site in .alsace it is visible only by the Alsatians? “. Or hoteliers for example who hesitate to pass their site on .alsace while they have found a beautiful domain name.

Looking ahead, we are confident that in the coming months, Google will consider local extensions as the extension of a territory. Thus sites in .alsace will end up having a small advantage for Internet users located in Alsace. Of course, this does not cleanse the optimization work. The day when the geographic extensions will have a local advantage, these will become essential in the web strategies.

Note: The very first domain of a new extension is “nic.extension” (everybody often comes from or All registries start with this domain for a few months the time to collect requests and contacts before commercialization.

Q: New fields and the influence of the historical factor

BL: The criterion of the seniority of a domain is important but conveys both positive and negative aspects. By going to stock on specialized platforms of “domains of occasion” one is not certain of the quality of this history if it is significant.

SV: The new extensions offer new, brand-new domains that have no history. So if they serve as the basis for creating a site, it will take hard work to create an environment rich in backlinks necessary to build a history. And the journey can be long.

However, there is nothing to prevent migrating a domain with an old generic extension to a new extension. In terms of migration, the transfer of the history to the new domain happens very well. But be careful, you must pay the necessary attention. A migration is managed!

However, if the history and backlinks of a domain are important, they can also be manipulated. Google has known this for a long time, and has for some time reduced the weight of this criterion to the benefit of content.

Q: What are the risks associated with these new extensions?

SV: The first identified risk is, as for traditional domains, cyber-squating and so many parameters to monitor for companies wanting to protect their names and brands.

BL: The new extensions are a good opportunity, but you must evaluate the one you will choose. While at the beginning each has the same chances in terms of visibility and referencing as a classic extension, many are extensions that risk one day to be penalized. It’s not yet said that Google is evaluating the quality of a registry and its domains, but this could happen quickly.

Logically the search engines will privilege the real digital universes and not the garages to domain. Today it is relatively easy to identify the true qualities of an extension: their price, the volume of pages parking …

The geographical extensions are very monitored and benefit de facto from a serious capital (.bzh, .paris, .alsace, .corsica).

In conclusion, focus on extensions that work on their digital space and have consistent, serious and stable registry policies (geographic extensions or .blog .club …) and avoid generic extensions whose volume is too low to guarantee a long-term A stability (especially the price) as well as extensions free or sold for a few cents, they are nests to pages parking, thus potentially punishable by Google’s algorithm futures.

SV: Originally all extensions are equal, but the test of time and their uses will most certainly make adjustment variables for the engines.

BL: To take back a fact of current events, we witnessed the flash crash stock market of Vinci late November. If one looks in detail how it happened, the stock market websites, editors and traders were deceived by two false press releases emanating from email addresses @ domain owned by a private Holland.

For groups of this size, I find it incredible that extensions of this type (.group .global. International .trade .news …) are not locked by a deposit of the domain, or by solutions of type DPML. It is not necessary to deposit everything, a or which has little credibility or interest in this case. I would tend to recommend them also to deposit vinci in .alsace .bzh .corsica and .paris after all they have projects in these territories, some of which are disputed (GCO in Alsace) …

Finally, many large companies were wondering what was the advantage of extensions called .brand or corp TLDs (closed extensions for the exclusive use of the holder, eg .bnpparibas .mma or .hermes). Here is a perfect illustration: if Vinci had a .vinci and had transformed all his emails in the form @ email.vinci or @ finance.vinci, maybe this scam would not have worked, or less well … Without speaking well Heard of dedicated sites, eg invest.vinci or shareholder.vinci.

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