How Are Inverter Air-Conditioners Better Than Normal Air-Conditioners?

Inverter Air-Conditioners Better Than Normal Air-Conditioners

You might have heard the term “inverter AC”, “inverter fridges”, “inverter microwave ovens” etc. a lot of time. However, you might not be sure of what this term actually means. Following section will brief you what an inverter AC is and how it is different from a normal AC.

About Inverter AC

Inverter AC is one of the best types of air-conditioners. This air-conditioner is more comfortable and silent than normal air-conditioner. Moreover, this air-conditioner is more power efficient; it requires lesser power than a normal AC. Hence, if you are looking for an air-conditioner, which doesn’t lead to higher electricity bills, inverter air-conditioner is what you should go for. Currently all top brands like LG, Samsung and Voltas are focusing on inverter AC rather than a normal split AC. Following section will brief you about benefits of inverter air-conditioners over normal ones.

Benefits of Inverter ACs Over Normal ACs

Comfortable Sleep

A normal air-conditioner cools the ambiance and then cuts-off the compressor till the time that room is warm. After that, air-conditioner will restart. This process of constant restarting of machine and stopping again makes the ambiance quite cooler when compressor is on and makes the ambiance quite warm when compressor gets off. This constant change in the temperature of room makes it difficult to take a comfortable sleep.

Moreover, when compressor of air-conditioner stops and restarts again, it consumes a lot of power. This problem doesn’t occur when you use inverter technology based air conditioner. An inverter AC is designed in such a way that it controls the temperature of ambiance. The compressor of this AC runs at very low speed when room has right temperature.

On the contrary, when the temperature of the room increases, the compressor starts working at higher speeds. This ensures that the room (cooled by inverter AC) stays at constant temperature. Hence, if you want to sleep comfortably without an issue with room’s temperature, you should go for an inverter AC.

Power Saving

As per an experiment conducted on various types of air-conditioners, it has been found that on an average, inverter air-conditioner uses 40% lesser electricity than normal ACs. This means, after installing inverter air-conditioners, your electricity bill will reduce. Moreover, inverter air-conditioners are more durable than normal air-conditioners.

This is because inverter ACs run at lower speed leading to lesser wear and tear of compressors. Hence, if you’re looking for an AC which can run with lesser power and saves you money, you should go for an inverter AC. You just need to invest funds in buying an inverter AC and you can stay tension free for long after that.

How to Buy Inverter ACs?

In case, you’re wondering how you should purchase inverter air-conditioners, there are various online websites where you can find these ACs. However, it is important that before investing your hard-earned money in buying an air-conditioner, you compare prices at It is one of the best websites for comparing prices of mobiles, laptops, tablets and other electronic gadgets.

To conclude, inverter AC is better not only in terms of performance, but also in terms of power and cost-saving.

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