How the Process of Consumer Buying Getting Transformed Due to Digital Marketing?

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Have you adapted to the changes the businesses have gone through in the last few years which was almost the same for the past many decades? The business model used to be similar universally. The structures of the businesses and making aware of the business to customers using the billboards, yellow pages, print ads, etc., talking with the sellers to promote their product and commission, and then depending on the purchase of your product and this process went on and on.

But as soon as the internet stepped in, everything suddenly changed. The change has taken place not for the business only, but also for the consumers. The consumer these days if they feel to purchase anything, needs to go online and search and they will find the exact product they need, and in a day or two, the product will be delivered to them. To know about the product, the consumer can go online, get in to YouTube and watch some demos of the product. They can go through the review pages and read what other consumers have written about the product. Researching a product online is an easy process.

So, the total process has changed, these days the process of buying a productisn’t the only thing that is easy for the consumer, but also the way they interact with the business and reach that business has increased to a large number. The only simple thing that has happened is that the competition has increased among businesses, and the opportunities for growth and success has increased.

Why all must adopt to these changes?

In the past few years, the opportunity to find an avenue for revenue, growth and exposure to business has got easier because of digital marketing. The desktop searches are taken over by mobile searches. Most of the companies are making mobile friendly websites. Around 77% of customers go through the reviews before buying a product. Around 93% of purchases are made by online shoppers who are influenced by social media,and around 3 million advertisers are using Facebook as a platform to reach their customers.

From these figures, now it should be clear to you about the influence of digital marketing these days. The customer behavior, as well as thebusiness model, has changed.

Digital marketing is the only way to go from here for bringing your business tothe top and be successful. If you have a business and want to promote it, you can opt for Canada’s best SEO company,and they will help your business reach thousands of people and influence them to buy from you.

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