The YouTube Vlogger moves away from YouTube

The YouTube Vlogger moves away from YouTube

The controversial Vlogger, Logan Paul

Vlogging is not just videos for fun, entertainment, and learning, they at times become controversial too. Not every Vlog fulfills the criteria for being the perfect Vlog. As the world is getting inclined towards the Vlogs and more and more people are entering into the world of Vlogs, the chances of creating controversial Vlogs is increasing too. In the last few years, it has become really challenging to sort out the Vlogs. There are certain names in the world of Vlogging that are being criticized for creating numerous controversial Vlogs. One such name that is in the limelight for last few months is that of Logan Paul. Born in 1995 he was soon acclaimed as a renowned television actor. Although he appeared as a guest star in the television shows his face was recognized all over the world due to his characters. The impressive character playing encouraged him to create his Vlogs. His videos became popular after they were uploaded to the famous video site called Vine.

Logan Paul invades YouTube

Soon after holding his Vlogging cameras he realized that he has the skill to rule the world. His passion, talent, and creativity brought him to YouTube. With very few Vlogs he became a renowned YouTuber. The journey of fame that began with the FaceBook and Twitter posts in 2014 moved to YouTube in 2016. His YouTube channel includes his comedy skits and Vlogs.

The Vlog controversy begins

The story of fame of this Vlogger was soon transformed into notorious creations. He lost his repute when his first controversial video with the title “No Handlebars”, was released on November 23, 2017. It was a musical Vlog in which a song was created in such a way that it showed the women as mere tools for sexual desires. 31st December 2017 was another turning point. This was the time when Paul came up with his most tormenting Vlog. The trend that became popular after bringing the world closer to happiness and fun presented a horrible picture of the Vlogs. Paul uploaded a Vlog on his YouTube page that portrayed the body of a youth who had committed suicide. It was the part of the Vlogs that he had uploaded with the title “Tokyo Adventures.” This Vlog came as a surprise for the Logan Paul fans.

He was bitterly criticized for uploading such Vlogs. People from all walks of life rejected his Vlog. He excused from his YouTube channel once again through his Vlogs but this was not acceptable for his followers and the society.

The end

February 9, 2018, came as a judgment day for him. After intense criticism, YouTube administration decided to block his page. This was the first step towards his end of the career in the world of Vlogging. This is a lesson for every Vlogger that evil is always paid. No matter how much-sophisticated Vlogger camera you hold, how creative you are and how popular you became, negativity is never acceptable.

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