TheOneSpy Android software review

TheOneSpy Android software review

The Android phones are very necessary these days, people always looking forward to having the latest smartphones. Why people use the android phone gadgets? The answer is pretty simple that it has become the necessity of the modern society. People from all ages such as young generation, adults, and even the older ones are using these contemporary cell phones.

There are other questions mostly pops up in the minds that why the young generation is so obsessed with the modern smartphones. The reasons behind the excessive use of mobile phone in kids and teens, because they use it for text messages, phone calls and play online games when it gets connected to the internet.

They also use social messaging apps such as Facebook, Tinder, Yahoo, Line, Vine, zalo and plenty of others alike. They shared media files in the shape of photos and videos and also do audio and videos calls on the messengers without spending a single penny. On the other hand, an employer provides the android phones to employees to deal with the customers online and on local networks listen to their queries. Moreover, people that are in a relationship also use the phones.

Ultimately, due to plenty of reasons employers, parents and spouses have to trfack the android phones of employees, kids and teens and partners respectively. How can anyone spy on someone android phone completely? According to my individual opinion, I would rather go cell phone spying app of TOS.

TheOneSpy Android monitoring app

When it comes to the cell phone tracking software for androids TOS has been known for its supremacy for tracking cell phones. It is quite better equipped compare to the cell phone surveillance spyware. A user can completely monitor the smartphones of Android OS and a user will get know what sort of activities have been made on the phone.

It has the number of powerful features including the traditional and non-traditional features that allow a user to spy on the activities happened on the android phone along with complete time schedule. It has power to visuals activities and voice activities tracking in real time. It has the dedicated customer care team, user-friendly interface, easy installation process and last but not the least the prices of the android spy app is ridiculously cheaper but have dozens of efficient features.

TOS Features for Androids

Text messages spy

A user can track all the sent or received text messages on the target android phone with the help of text messages spy of the Android spying software. It allows a user to get their hands on MMS, imessages monitoring, BBW chat messages and heads up tickers notification.

Spy on calls

A user can record all the incoming and outgoing calls on target android phone with the help of spy on calls of the android tracking program and a user can record the live calls and after listening to the calls it can be saved over the web for a reminder.

Live screen recording

A user can also record the screen activities of the Android smartphone of kids and teens, employees and spouses. A user can get screen recording of the chrome recording, IM’s screen recording, password chaser, SMS recording, Gmail recording and last but not the least.

GPS location tracker

A user can track the GPS location of the modern android mobile phones and further get to know the exact and current location of the target phone. Moreover, the android spy program enables a user to get to know the location history, weekly location history and a user can safe and prohibited areas for the gadget.

Browsing History

A user can also track the visited websites and apps on the target Android phone device and further it has the ability to view the most frequently visited websites on the phone of Android by using the browsing history of the monitoring tool for androids.

TOS Spy 360

It allows a user to send push notification on the device and once the android phone has received it, a user will be able to listen live surround sounds and conversation with the help of spy 360 live surround listening. It further allows users to do live streaming on the target phone through a camera and get the live visuals through spy 360 live camera streaming and a user can also broadcast the screen into the online web portal with the help of spy 360 live screen sharing of the android tracking software.

IM’s monitoring

A user can view the activities on the phone social messaging apps to the fullest and get their hands on all the trendy social messaging apps IM’s logs, IM’s chats conversations, shared media files in the shape of photos and videos and VOIP calls.

Email Spying

A user can also view the content of the all the email of the Gmail sent or received on the target android phone with the help of email spying on the cell phone tracker for androids.


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