Weird Yet Cool Apps That You Should Definitely Download

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There are apps for your dogs, there are apps for you, there are even apps for your imaginary friends. The best or weird thing about all these apps is that no matter how odd they sound at first when you use them you totally get hooked on to them. And before you know it, there comes a time when you can’t stop digging for more such cool apps. This article talks about apps that are totally weird, but absolutely cool and we know that you are going to love them.

Alarmy – The A(l)rmy that won’t let you sleep

You love your sleep more than anything in the world, right? But no matter how amazing it feels to get your beauty sleep, you have to get out of the bed. And for all the lazy people out there who find it extremely hard to get up and find a friend in the snooze button, Alarmy is your answer. Dubbed as “the world’s most annoying alarm”, Alarmy has gained popularity among many users for its quirky ways to wake you up. For instance, a photo mode is used wherein you have to get out of the bed and take a photo of the registered place to turn off the alarm. Now if that won’t wake your eyes far and wide then nothing else will. And oh, there are more such crazy options like the photo mode waiting for you in this app.

Keep a track on your water intake with – Daily Water Tracker

As weird as it sounds to count our daily water intake, it is extremely important to drink lots of water for a healthy living. This app will keep a track on your water drinking status and remind you to drink enough water every day. Not only this, it will help you develop a healthy habit of drinking water on time. This app is a boon for all the people who are always busy and, as weird as it sounds, forget to drink water on time.

Car Compass – Reminder for your car parking

There are people out there in the world who forget where they parked their cars and Car compass is exactly the app for them. It automatically records your car location as soon as your phone disconnects from your car’s Bluetooth device. You can also manually record the location by clicking on a button after you are done parking your car. An arrow will point to the location of your car.

Pimple Popper – Yes, there is an app for this too

People have weird obsessions all over the world. And this has to be one of them since there seems to be an app for this as well. All you have to do is tap and squeeze and collect all types of pimple eggs. In their about section the makers say that this app is inspired by the human instinct to pop and squeeze pimples. Weird, yes! True or false? That you will have to decide.

Yo – And that’s it!

This app does just one thing and yet there are a million downloads of this app. It says that Yo is the simplest and most efficient communication tool in the world. What it does is, it sends “yo” to your friends. All you have got to do is tap on your friend’s name to whom you want to send this short and sweet message. People in the comments section of this app seem to love it so much that there is a great chance that you will also end up loving and downloading it.

Run Pee – Because movie theatres don’t have pause buttons

Yet another weird and cool app is the Run Pee app. It aims at improving your movie-going experience. This app’s database is updated weekly on the basis of the movies released. What it does is, tells you the best time to run and pee so that you do not end up missing out on the important and vital scenes of the movie. Whichever scene you do miss during your pee time, this app provides you with the synopsis so that you know exactly what you missed.

Someone very rightly said, “In an insane world, sanity makes very little sense.” And the best part about these insanely cool apps is that they are useful and from time to time, they provide you the fun & entertainment you deserve. One might wonder that to download these apps you need a large internal memory and for that, you’ll need an expensive phone. But that’s where phone brands like Panasonic India, Motorola, and Xiaomi prove you wrong. Not only these phones have enough memory for you to collect all kinds of weird apps but they are also very inexpensive phones.

So what are you waiting for? Get searching more such weird, cool, fun apps and don’t forget to spread the happiness to your friends as well. After all, what’s the fun in being a weirdo all alone when you can have a friend join the wagon of weirdness as well?

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