What is RAID Storage and Importance of RAID Data Recovery Services

RAID Storage and Importance of RAID Data Recovery Services

Learn how RAID works that are storage systems that use multiple disks to increase access speed and reliability in accessing recorded data in addition to how a RAID data recovery company NYC can help in difficult times.

Unfortunately, data loss can occur even in this complex storage system. Here, we will explore how various levels of RAID work and how data is stored and can lost!

A RAID combines multiple HDs into one logical drive. They can be assembled using sophisticated adapter cards or even from the computer’s motherboard. LSI is the brand when it comes to adapter cards, being an OEM supplier of major brands such as HP, Dell or IBM.

Common terms used in RAID

Parity: Information that is distributed on all disks, which allow the recreation of the data stored in the RAID array, although one of the HD’s fails.

Mirroring: Significantly mirroring where data written to disk 1 is replicated bit by bit on disk 2.

Block size: When a file is divided into small pieces; it is size one piece.

Stripping: It is method where fragments from each file can be written to multiple disks.

Left / Right symmetry: It means how the parity and data are distributed along the disks. There are four main variants, which is used depending on the algorithm used by the controller board manufacturer.

Hot spare: It is a spare disk that is installed in the storage, but inactive.

Degraded mode: When one disk is damaged, the array will still continue to run with the remaining disks, but in degraded mode.

Be ready for RAID data recovery\

Unfortunately, every hard disk or SSD has a lifetime, after which it will begin to show defects. When this occurs (assuming it is RAID 1 or higher), the system will continue to run in degraded mode and the faulty drive may be replaced. The automatic rebuild will run from the remaining disks and you will not lose your data. However, if a second disk is damaged during rebuild, this may lead to permanent data loss, depending on the type of RAID configured.

When this occurs, you should consult Salvagedata data recovery company, who will have the experience to recover your data. It is important that you see the credentials of the chosen company, verifying that it has already addressed similar cases. Renowned companies have many testimonials from clients served, who can help you in choosing the right company.

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