What is the development environment?

The development the website

The development environment consists of all the IT management tools that participate in the design and creation of the website. These are the tools and platforms used by the web agency internally or in collaboration with the client or third parties for the successful implementation of the project. These are typically the computer development environment for encoding and formatting web site pages. We have specialized web agencies around PHP, Java, C ++ etc …

What are the development environments for the creation of websites?

According to the members and the posts present in the web agency, one will find tools adapted to each function. Windows, Linux, or Mac environments are most commonly used when working with open source or proprietary technologies. As part of the Pulsar web agency we work exclusively with open source technologies related to PHP and we use Windows environment (Tortoise or Eclipse) or Linux.

We speak of EDI (Integrated Development Environment) or IDE in English to design the all-in-one tools with an advanced graphical interface to facilitate editing and maintenance of computer codes. Among the most common IDEs in the Open Source world are Eclipse or Netbeans, but many others exist.

But we can also cite:

  • Scilab
  • Visual Studio
  • Visual Studio Express Edition
  • Delphi
  • Code :: Blocks
  • MonoDevelop
  • SharpDevelop
  • KDevelop
  • Access
  • C ++ Builder
  • LabVIEW
  • Dev-C ++
  • Qt Creator
  • XCode
  • Lazarus
  • WinDev
  • 4D
  • Dreamweaver
  • Zend Studio

Importance and adequacy of the development environment in the production chain

What is most important is often the adequacy between the development environment, the types of projects and the profiles used to carry out these projects. Depending on the types of projects the web agency will propose, it will use CMS or frameworks, which will have a direct impact on the tools that revolve around these solutions.

For further …

  • Dev and preprod servers:

    A professional agency, as soon as it involves several collaborators on a project and to ensure the functioning of the finished product in the client’s real environment, must work with dev and preprod servers separate from theproduction server that Hosts the final site.

  • versioning:

    As with any software development, especially when many stakeholders are involved in the same project, it is essential to manage the version history of writing software to be able to go back, to merge developments by several etc … The control Version , whether at the file or database level, is a powerful element of quality management.

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