Why is Antivirus Essential for Electronic Devices?


Any electronic device is prone to attacks by hackers and malware such as viruses, worms, Trojans etc., which can lead to theft or loss of confidential data. A good antivirus will help to safeguard your devices from the attack of such malware and intrusion by hackers when you are connected to the internet. Antivirus is important to protect your computers, servers, laptops and smartphones from all possible cyber threats and can also prevent the theft of personal information.

Any electronic device without proper antivirus installed becomes vulnerable to the attack of hackers and viruses once you connect it to the internet. Hackers can also steal credit card information, bank account details and other financial information, passwords, tax records and your private data which can be used for identity theft. A good antivirus will not only block harmful viruses but also protect you from identity theft and loss of data.

An antivirus can also act as a firewall and prevent any unauthorized access to your devices. Based on research, it has been demonstrated that any unprotected electronic device can come under the attack of viruses and hackers within the first 15 minutes of connectivity to the internet. That is why it’s absolutely essential to install antivirus software on your personal computer or laptop before connecting to the Internet.

There are new forms of cyber threats evolving each and every day which are becoming smarter and more powerful. For instance, ransomware has become popular recently which is used by hackers to encrypt all your personal data and they demand a huge ransom to decrypt it back. If you don’t have an antivirus installed on your computer or smartphone, it is vulnerable to such attacks by ransomware and might result in loss of confidential data.

The best solution to protect yourself while browsing online is by installing the latest antivirus software with updated signatures so that you can stay away from hackers and malware such as viruses, ransomware, spyware, worms and Trojans etc. You should choose a user-friendly and reliable antivirus software company like Bitdefender to avoid any false-positives and get automatic updates of all the latest virus signatures on a regular basis.

Electronic devices like database and web servers are also prone to DDoS (Distributed Denial of Service) attacks which can result in network outage, loss of productivity and spoil the reputation of your business among your existing customers. To avoid such issues, you should install apowerful antivirus software that uses Intrusion Prevention and Intrusion Detection so that it can block any malicious traffic from entering your network. The antivirus software is also helpful to safeguard your electronic device from other security threats like backdoors, rootkits, adware, spyware, browser hijackers, Trojans, key loggers etc. They also provide web-filtering to protect your computer from malicious URLs and also offer protection from spam and phishing emails by identifying and blocking them before you click on any malicious links.

You should choose the Antivirus software that will offer complete protection for all operating systems like Android, iOS, MacOS and Windows operating systems. The modern Antivirus software comes as a total security solution along with VPN connectivity which can be used to hide your online presence and browse securely. The best antivirus for Windows also offers multi-layer ransomware protection to secure your files and guarantees zero-day threat detection.

There are plenty of Antivirus solutions available on the market including free and paid versions but not all of them are equally efficient in catching viruses. You should choose the antivirus software which does not slow down your device and is compatible with multiple platforms. The latest security solutions use behavioural threat detection to protect your electronic devices from malware and protect your important files from ransomware encryption. Hence, it’s absolutely vital to have a modern antivirus software installed on all your electronic devices to protect your data while browsing online and to prevent the attack of hackers and malware.

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