Why you cannot trust your employees

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As the owner of the company, you are well aware of the fact that you invested your blood and sweat in building the foundations of your running company. Only you are aware of the struggles you have faced which nobody would even understand. Employees would keep on coming and leaving on the regular basis. Some of them would perform well, get promoted and even stay their whole life in your office. While some would come and leave in the blink of an eye.

This is not an issue as you cannot stop anyone from leaving and you cannot force anyone to stay as it is out of your control. Any employee if finds a better option than what you offer would leave immediately as loyalty is too ‘rare’ nowadays. But we can’t blame them for such behavior as everyone has the right to do whatever they find comfort in.

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But what you must do with your currently working employees is get involved with them and brain storm to generate new and effective ideas of how your company can reach even better milestones.

Spend time with each employee and try to bring the best out of them as there might be hidden potential in them to fulfill multiple tasks and if you’re able to bring it out, you could keep one employee who could do the task of two workers.

Above all, know that no matter how friendly your employee seems, you can never trust them. Many companies went down the drain as the owners of the company trusted too much on the employees. For example, you might be having a secret formula, lyrics to a song, groundbreaking recipe etc. and it is stored in the hard drive of your office laptop or PC unprotected. Hence, it is only a matter of time till your face serious consequences where you’re so called trusted employee can easily walk away with something you created and since there was no ownership, you would lose everything!

As a result, is a mandatory for you to use a protection layer beforehand which would help you get rid of such threat. We know that using any protection layers makes you as a owner feel uncomfortable to work with employees as they realize you do not trust them but it is better to be safe than sorry. You as an owner must have a PC or a laptop and on it, try storing everything that is confidential. Furthermore, try increasing the protection of your data by restricting/blocking any unauthorized ports or device (such as USB, Flash disks, etc.) from connecting to your system. There are many usb blocker tools that let you restrict all such drives that you do not trust and hence maintain a complete peace of mind.

Hence, no matter how many years you’ve spent working with an employee or a team; it is not safe for you to trust them. Take steps before something even happens to maintain your relationship and maintain your business ownership.

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